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I highly recommend this more up-to-date and informative webpage!
Fake Badges
Link:Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum -- Waco, Texas

What would you expect to purchase if you responded
to either of the following two advertisements?

Texas Ranger Badge (Mexican Coin Back)
Text on back of badge says "Mexicanos" and some other things that I can't make out. Badge has "reeded" edge. This was in a box I purchased from an estate.
It is in nice condition. Very heavy solid piece.
Sterling Silver Texas Ranger Badge
I don't know much about it. This was in a box I purchased from an estate.
It is in nice condition. Very heavy solid piece.

If your answer was "An original genuine Texas Ranger Badge" then all I can say is "Welcome to the club!"

If you gave any other answer then you most likely have more experience than I did and you don't need to read any further.

First off you should know that I am not a ___Badge Collector___. My interest in this area came about because I am interested in Mexican Numismatics and some Texas Ranger badges were made from Mexican coins. Before I responded to either of the above two advertisements I should have read Historic Badges of the Texas Rangers.

The badge shown in this WebPage's header seems to be one of the recently made (genuine) Texas Ranger badges (see information below in first box). It carries the hallmark CHAS A. SIMMANS and is made from a 1947 or 1948 (probably 1948 as there were many more of that date) 5 Peso coin. These coins have a beautiful bust of the Aztec chieftain Cuauhtemoc. If this had been the badge I purchased I would have been pleased. There are older badges made from older Mexican Coins but they are certainly priced beyond my casual interest.

What I did not know then, that I know now, is that there are uncountable reproduction badges "circulating" in the general public's hands.

One of these reproduction badges is what you WILL end up with in virtually ALL cases if you do not purchase badges from an honest and knowlegeable dealer. These are not like coins. There are no nationwide laws about creating or owning reproduction badges. You will not find "COPY" stamped on reproduction badges...no hobby protection acts to be found here! There are local laws about specific badges but even the citizens of those jurisdictions seem generally unaware that they are breaking any law by owning or selling certain badges.

Extract from: Historic Badges of the Texas Rangers

The following article was released by the Texas Department of Public Safety in 1962 when the Texas Rangers were issued the current gold and silver badges.

Colonel Homer Garrison, Jr., Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety and Chief of the Texas Rangers, announced in October 1962, that the Texas Rangers are going back to the tradition steeped Mexican silver badge worn by their predecessors during frontier days.

Garrison said the new official Ranger badge, issued to each of the 62 members of the Force, is a replica of the historic original badge which old-time Rangers carved out of a Mexican five peso silver dollar when Texas became a State and their duties changed from military to law enforcement.

The best information available indicates that the five-pointed star on the badge symbolized the "Lone Star" of Texas. The points are supported by an engraved wheel, which is termed the "wagon-wheel" badge.

Each badge is made from a Mexican five Peso silver coin. The oak leaves on the left side represent strength and the olive branch on the right signifies peace. These are taken from the Texas Great Seal. The cut-out center star has engraving on it and the center of the star is reserved for the Company designation or the rank of Sergeant or Captain or Senior Captain. The edges still often have the coin lines and the coin is still highly visible on the reverse of the badge. The five point "Lone Star" with a "wheel" around it is common in Ranger and other Texas badges from the late 1800's.
"Texas Government Code 411.017. That section of the law prohibits the manufacturing, selling or possession of a badge that bears an insignia similar to that of the Texas Rangers, which is a division of the Department of Public Safety. Violation is a misdemeanor. It's a felony to send such a badge through the mail."

Well, that is all I have to tell you at the moment. For further information you might visit some of the WebSites whose links I have provided below.
If you would like to discuss this further please contact me,
Verne R. Walrafen, at Verne R. Walrafen

HofF Logo
Hall of Fame
Plain Badge

Hall of Fame Entrance
The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

This website has an extensive number of SUPER pages.

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum (City of Waco)

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum / Fort Fisher

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DPS Logo
Bottle Cap Badge

Silver Stars and Sixguns: the Texas Rangers

Historic Badges of the Texas Rangers

Lone on the Range

They Rode for the Lone Star

The Texas Rangers

The Twilight of the Texas Rangers Robert Draper Feb94
This article is the best summary of the recent (up to 1994)
history of the Texas Rangers that I have read so far.

    Texas Lawmen of Lore: Interview with Mike Cox Jesse Sublett    

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Badge#240 Badge#273 Badge#43 Badge#6 Badge#54
Bob's Badges

(generally under $65)

#39 State Ranger, Texas 1890's Price: $64
Star in center is brass.
#221 Texas Ranger 1900's Price: $69
Sun Badge Co. L.A. County on back.
Copy of badge produced for use in the movie "Lone Ranger".
#240 Texas Ranger 1900's Price: $59
#273 Texas Rangers* 1930-1940 Price: $59
*Frontier Batallion, Company D. Reeded edge w/Peso back. San Antonio Area.
#43 Texas Rangers, Round 1935 Price: $59
Mexican Peso, Eagle, and Snake. Same design is used today. Adopted state-wide in 1962.
#6 Texas Ranger 1940's Price: $59
Eagle and snake on back, as struck from Mexican Peso.
#54 Texas Rangers, Co. A 1940's Price: $59
Mexican Peso with reeded edge. Also used today.

Our Reproductions
"About 10 years ago, a friend of mine who is also a large badge collector asked me if I could copy a badge from his collection. He stated that a friend wanted a copy for his collection. Within a short time, I had reproduced the badge which is now pictured as Badge #1. This started us on making fine reproduction badges for the collectors of Western memorabilia. We have never intended these badges to be offered as originals, or given approval for anyone to do so. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy old style Badges Of The Past at an affordable price. This is our sole purpose." - Bob's Badges

Construction And Options
"Each Badge is custom cast from an old original using bronze or brass, and plated with Nickel or Silver as most of the old originals were. We are proud to offer these fine Badges Of The Past, done by a professional Father & Sons Team who excel in custom casting of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Texas Ranger Badges #6, 43, & 54 were originally struck from the Mexican Peso. These badges are such authentic copies that the Mexican wording and the Eagle & Snake are present on the reverse of the badge. These three badges are Sterling Silver Plated, and all the badges in our Catalog are equally as exact. Most can be cast in Solid Sterling Silver for $25 to $40 extra per badge." - Bob's Badges

Coin Badge
Old West Law Badges

(generally under $30)


"Old West Law Badges offers a variety of authentic, replica badges of the old west. These badges are quality made and have the look and feel of the old west." - Old West Law Badges


Pewter Badge
Lawman Badges

(generally under $20)

"These badges are reproductions of original badges used throughout the early west. They are cast in pewter and make a great addition to any western collection." - Lawman Badges

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Walker Pistol

Jeweler Troubled by Republic of Texas order 12/25/96

From: Alumline@aol.com, 27 Dec 1996, 21:26:49

"Republic of Texas Ranger" Badges, original, numbered pieces created in Sterling Silver for the new "Republic of Texas Defense Forces". Featured on the front page of the Austin American Statesman December 24, 1996 and Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, etc. on December 25, 1996. Donated items soon available for viewing at the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco, Texas and the Alamo Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

From: "Byron Johnson" bjohnson@eramp.net
Subject: Republic of Texas Ranger Badges
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 98 22:39:00 PST

The badges were made, but never delivered, to the Republic of Texas militia group. The artist declined to deliver them once he found out what the group really was and what shenanigans they were involved in. He wound up selling many of them to law enforcement officers who wanted them as souvenirs.

The artist generously made a gift of one of them to us and we have placed it in our case of "fake" and "fantasy" badges. His intention was not to replicate a real Texas Ranger badge for purposes of deception or misrepresentation. He withdrew the delivery to avoid having the militia members represent themselves as "(Republic of) Texas Rangers".

We neither recommend their purchase nor make any representation as to their value or collectibility. The artist does have a respectable sense of honor as he refused to deliver them to the group and risked a substantial loss on the production.

We do not have an e-mail address; last we heard they moved from Austin here to Waco. You might check directory assistance for the Waco area.

Byron A. Johnson, Director
Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum
Official State Hall of Fame and Museum for the Texas Rangers
P.O. Box 2570, Waco, Texas 76702-2570
"...Unless a people are educated and enlightened it is idle to expect
the continuance of civil liberty or the capacity for self-government."
Texas Declaration of Independence, March 2, 1836

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