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Last updated:   29 January 2001
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This webpage has "gone stale"
...but I am leaving it here just for completeness.

Link: WANTED: Peace Through Coinage tokens ... 1/29/01
Link: WANTED: GMM Publications ... 1/26/01

Phillip Barnhart
  • WANTED: Peace Through Coinage tokens
       I am looking for the Link:Peace Through Coinage tokens as shown on Page21 of the Gallery Mint Museum ScrapBook and varieties. Also any Concept Dollar "mis-strikes" (because GMM never makes mistakes, only interesting variations), and Concept Dollar mules.
       I have FOR TRADE ONLY 1995 Concept Dollars and 2000 Piedfort Concept Dollars. Will consider trade OR purchase of interesting GMM items, including ANA tokens struck over US coins, and ANY GMM overstrike on Ikes or SBAs.
    Phillip Barnhart ... Mon, 29 Jan 2001 14:54:02

    A WebMaster Caveat: I can see virtually this same WANTED notice with any of a half dozen different names attached including my own. I am strongly interested in any Con$ept pieces, particularly the 1995 issue on any unusual planchets. EMail:Verne R. Walrafen
Daniel Lightsey
  • WANTED: GMM Publications
       I need ANY NEWSLETTERS BEFORE 05/95 and a replacement for the 10/95 newletter (1793 wreath cent) because I cut off the order form.
       Please EMail me for details regarding postage and confirmation of originals not on the list that YOU may have for sale or copying!
       I would need 10 cents per side of page for photocopies, or 25 cents per side of page for original documents - first come, first serve. I will pay the same for newsletters that I am missing.
    Daniel Lightsey ... Fri, 26 Jan 2001 11:32:59

    Hello & Welcome!...The Gallery Mint Museum Mission
    05/95...Missing Link In Chain Cent
    07/95...1793 Chain Cent Article
            and Order Form For Chain Cent W/Photos
    Special Mailing Of Collector's Survey
    10/95...1793 Wreath Cent Article
    12/95...Gallery Mint Unveils The 1995 Annual Medal
    05/96...1793 Liberty Cap Cent Reproduction Now Available
            and Order Form For Liberty Cent
    06/96...Reproduction of 1796 Quarter Dollar Now Available
    12/96...1796 Draped Bust Dollar Repro's Now In Production
            and Order Form For Dollar W/Photos
    Special Supplement...Engraving And Die Sinking
    04/97...New & Improved 1793 Liberty Cap Reproduction Now Available
    07/97...Replica 1796 Type Set Continues
            and Order Form With Photos
    11/97...Gallery Mint Special Report...Prototype "Concept Dollars" Now Available
            and Order Form
    03/98...1796 Draped Bust Half Dollar Repro Now Available
            and Order Form With Photos
    06/98...1796 Set Nearly Completion
            and Order Form With No Photos
    Special Mailing...1998 Collector's Poll
    09/98...1796 Set Completed!
    02/99...Reproduction Fugio Cents
    05/99...Replica Brasher Doubloons
    1999 Fall Catalog...Now Offering The Definitive Reproduction Of The Amazing 1804 Dollar
    02/00...1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar Reproductions
    05/00...1794 Flowing Hair Half Dime Reproductions Now Available
    09/00...1836 Coronet Cent Reproduced On First U.S. Mint Steam Coinage Press
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