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An Tir/West War A.S.36(2001)
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An Tir/West War A.S.36(2001)
Society for Creative Anachronism $8 (Two Penny) Trade Token
26.8mm .999 Silver

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   An Tir/West War is a major event held on the fourth of July, in alternating years in northern California and southern Oregon. (The Kingdom of the West is the SCA branches in California north of about Merced [I think]; the Kingdom of An Tir is the branches in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and northern Idaho. An Tir was originally a Principality of the West, and An Tir's war of independence was theoretically the occasion for the first An Tir/West War.) These commemorative medals are (usually) struck on site at the war as a joint project of the Moneyers' Guilds of the two kingdoms, and is our main annual fundraiser.

   The An Tir Guild provides the dies and a couple of dozen fine silver strikes (struck before the war), selling for $6 each, and the Westies (ideally) provide hundreds of pewter blanx and most of the grunt labor of striking the coins (a dramatic demo, as coins this size require two man striking - one holding the trussel [i.e. "hammer die"] and the other wielding a 6# sledge.

   AT/WW A.S.36(2001): This one is very similar in spirit (and inscriptions) to the previous year's, but it was based on the Schreckenberger Englegroschen of Saxony (minted 1507-'20). On the original coin the half-length angel is shown holding a single shield with the device of Saxony; I simply gave him two shields to hold. Unfortunately, this is another low mintage type. The Westies didn't show up with the pewter blanks (disasters at home and a very long drive up to Eugene, Oregon - it's usually held closer to the border), so we only had enough pewter to strike about a dozen pieces at the war itself. Consequently, most of the pewter pieces have been struck since the war and in smaller quatities than usual because most of the usual buyers, not being collectors, are only interested in buying them if they're actually present at the war. This is the only I'm sending you a silver strike of - it's also probably one I struck since the war.

   Unfortunately, I don't have specimens of the A.S.31 and A.S.33 types, and it isn't convenient to strike more, as I have the reverse dies, but another Guild member living north of Seattle has the obverse die. However I do have an info sheet for the A.S.31 type, so at least you can see what it looks like. I'm including with this the info sheets for the A.S.27 through 30 types, and I might be able to find the text for the A.S.32 type.
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