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"Pastiche" Merchant Token
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H.S.H.Janeltis Gift Certificate/Discount
Society for Creative Anachronism $5 "Pastiche" Merchant Token
19.8mm .999 Silver

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   Pastiche/Janeltis (head side die completed 23-VI-99, 16 hours, unicorn side die completed 26-VI-99, 13 hours). "Pastiche" is an SCA merchant enterprise consisting of two middle aged women, "Foggy" Bell and Asha. They sell books and sewing notions (yardage and trim). They're also big fans of the late Princess Dowager Janeltis Karaine Starfollower.

   They've had me strike these in fine silver as a $5 gift certificate/discount coupon and in bronze as a gratuity token good for $2 to give to people who help them set up their pavilion and such. Actually, they've sold some simply as souvenirs/collectibles, and I've bought back from other merchants one or two of the silver as a $5 general token.

   The bust side die is modeled on a silver penny of Archbishop Ceolno of Canterbury (833-'70 - the type is Seaby 894). I'm not certain what the original die sinkers' intention was, but most people who look at it now interpret the design as a female image (other types in the series show distinctly male tonsured heads). I gave the head a coronet to suggest the Dowager Princess Janeltis. That side of the coin is a reasonably good attempt at reproducing the style of mid-ninth century Anglo-Saxon coins. The other side is a failed attempt at the more primitive style of early Anglo-Saxon sceatta (this style only looks right on a smaller thicker coin).

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